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OpenBox creates instant trust thus enabling organizations to reach their goals faster and easier.

More Supporters
Bigger Gifts
Better Retention
“My gift towards school renovation was made possible by OpenBox only because of the transparency it provides. I would not have done it otherwise.”
Jay Harper Campaign Supporter

Why Trust Matters

Studies show that when donor trust increases organizations get:


More Contributions

* Determinants and Consequences of Nonprofit Transparency- Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance - 2018


More Engagement

* Harvard Business Review. The Neuroscience of Trust. 2017


Higher Donor Retention

* Donor Retention Study - Impact of Donor Trust - 2019

OpenBox is insanely easy to use


List Your Needs


Let Supporters Choose


Get More Contributions

It takes less than 60 seconds to launch a campaign

Features That Matter

Create Wish List

Easily list details of your campaign :

  • Sponsorships
  • Supplies / Equipment
  • Bills / Operating expenses
  • Scholarships
  • Services
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Give Donors Options

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  • Let donors choose how to support you
  • Option to allow donors to contribute towards specific items of your campaign
  • Keep donors informed and updated

Get More Donors, Faster

  • Learn each donor’s preferences
  • Turn prospects into donors faster
  • Strengthen existing relationships

Technology For Good

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  • Let your donors see exactly how their gifts impact the mission
  • Automated fulfillment
  • Eliminate any possibility and suspicion of fraud


Yes, OpenBox is absolutely free

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Why Donors heart OpenBox

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“I am confident that my gift is being applied exactly as intended.”

Alice G.
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“I can easily choose how my assistance impacts the organization and its mission.”

Mike L.
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“I can track my contribution and the campaign’s progress in real time.”

Taz G.

Who Uses OpenBox

Volunteer Groups


Disaster Relief



Animal Rescue

Food Pantries



Professional Groups



Our Story

OpenBox started with a phone call from a major community organization with a big problem:

How can we create a way to make giving more transparent and secure as demanded by a new generation of donors?

With the belief that technology can and should solve this issue that initial conversation led to thousands of hours of conversations, surveys, focus groups, development and testing. Real donors provided real feedback until everyone agreed that the results were more than satisfactory, they were great!
What pleased everyone the most was how positively supporters responded to the new platform. They were making bigger gifts, more frequently. OpenBox was born.

Please, enjoy it!

Company Leadership

Felix Machlis

Felix has a successful track record of launching impactful technology companies. He has served in key senior roles of many public and private companies.

Peggy Korth-Cheney

Peggy is a nonprofit fundraising expert in establishing sustainable funding strategy. She has helped multiple nonprofit organizations to reach their goals.

Asif Talukdar

Asif brings a wealth of nonprofit sector experience having served in senior business development roles at Guidestar and Blackbaud.

Matt Hugg

Matt is a premier fundraising educator teaching Philanthropy at several major universities as well as to nonprofits and companies such as Microsoft.

Sam Nussbaum

Sam has been serving in senior roles at various technology startups. He has helped many organizations scale by implementing strategic growth plans.

Boris Gurvich

Boris was the founding architect of Magento – the most successful open-source ecommerce platform in the world, acquired by eBay and later by Adobe.

Community Love

Now that we are using OpenBox we’re just operating at a higher level. Our donor engagement went through the roof. Planning campaigns is a breeze. We are reaching our goals faster than ever!

Viktoria Cusma
Angel Care For Elders

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